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Drawing on the Page
Changing the size and appearance
of drawings and shapes
Not that you necessarily want to open this can of worms, but you can edit
drawings. Starting on the Draw tab, here are instructions for changing the
look and appearance of drawings:
Book V
Chapter 2
Selecting a single line or shape: Click the Type button and then click
the line or shape. Dotted lines and selection handles appear around the
line or shape to show it is selected.
Selecting more than one shape and line: Click the Lasso Select button
and drag slantwise across the drawing.
Erasing: Use the Eraser button to erase all or part of a line or shape. You
can open the drop-down list on the Eraser button to choose erasers of
different sizes.
To erase part of a line or shape: Click the Eraser button and drag over
the part of the line or shape you want to erase.
To erase entire lines and shapes: Click the bottom half of the Eraser
button to open its drop-down list, choose Stroke Eraser, and drag
over or click on lines and shapes.
Changing line colors: After you select a line, shape, or drawing, click
Pen Properties in the pop-up menu and select a color.
Resizing: After you select a line, shape, or drawing, use one of these
techniques to resize it:
• Dragaside,top,orbottomhandletostretchorscrunchashape.
Moving: After you select a line, shape, or drawing, move the pointer on
top of it. When you see the four-headed arrow, click and start dragging.
Rotating: After you select a line, shape, or drawing, click the Rotate
button and choose a Rotate or Flip option on the drop-down list.
Arranging overlapping lines and shapes: When lines and shapes
overlap, choose an Arrange option to determine which is highest and lowest
in the stack. Select a line or shape, click the Arrange button, and choose
an option on the drop-down list:
Bring Forward: Moves the line or shape higher in the stack.
Bring to Front: Moves the line or shape in front of all other lines and
shapes in the stack.
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