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Converting a Handwritten Note to Text
Send Backward: Moves the line or shape lower in the stack.
Send to Back: Moves the lines or shape behind all other lines and
Deleting: After you select a line, shape, or drawing, press Delete or click
the Delete button.
Converting a Handwritten Note to Text
Want proof that computers are getting smarter? In OneNote, you can write
a note by hand using a stylus pen or your mouse and tell OneNote to
convert it to text. In my experiments, the conversion works most of the time.
OneNote is able to recognize my handwriting and render it in text, as shown
in Figure 2-6.
Follow these steps to convert a handwritten note to text:
1. Select the handwritten note.
To do that, go to the Draw tab, click the Lasso Select button, and drag
slantwise across the note.
2. On the Draw tab, click the Ink to Text button.
Your handwritten note, with a little luck and depending on the quality
of your handwriting, is converted to text.
Figure 2-6:
converted to
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