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Writing a Math Expression in a Note
Writing a Math Expression in a Note
The Insert tab offers the Equation Editor (click the Equation button) for
writing mathematical equations, and you’re welcome to give it a spin, but much
more useful than the Equation Editor is another tool called the Ink Equation
Editor. As shown in Figure 2-7, you can use it to construct mathematical
expressions for notes.
Book V
Chapter 2
Figure 2-7:
a math
in the Ink
To open the Ink Equation Editor, go to the Draw tab and click the Ink to Math
button. The Ink Equation Editor opens. Keep your eye on the Preview area
while you follow these instructions to construct your equation:
Writing: Click the Write button and drag the mouse to write your
Erasing numbers and symbols: Click the Erase button and drag to erase
a number or symbol.
Correcting errors: If the Ink Equation Editor enters the wrong number or
symbol, click the Select and Correct button and then click on the part of
the expression that is incorrect. A drop-down menu appears. If the correct
number or symbol is on the menu, select it.
Erasing the expression: Click the Clear button to wipe the slate clean
and start anew.
Click the Insert button to turn the equation into a note.
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