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Taking a Screen-Clipping Note
Taking a Screen-Clipping Note
In OneNote lingo, a screen clipping is a note with a screen shot inside it,
as shown in Figure 2-8. OneNote makes it remarkably easy to take screen
clippings. Take them when you want to preserve part of a screen in a note.
Follow these steps to make a screen-clipping note:
1. Go to the web page, Word document, or other item that you need a
picture of.
2. Switch to OneNote.
3. On the Insert tab, click the Screen Clipping button.
You return to the program you were in previously. You can also open
the Send to OneNote window (click its icon on the Windows task bar)
and choose Screen Clipping.
4. Drag the pointer to capture the portion of the screen you want for the
When you finish dragging, you return to OneNote, and the screen clipping
you took appears in a note.
Figure 2-8:
A screen
taken from a
web page.
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