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Attaching, Copying, and Linking Files to Notes
The Playback group on the (Audio & Video) Playback tab offers buttons for
pausing, stopping, rewinding, and fast-forwarding an audio note as it plays
(refer to Figure 2-9). Glance at the clock to see how long the note is and how
many seconds and minutes have played so far.
Book V
Chapter 2
While a note is playing, you can type other notes on the page. In other
words, you can take notes on the audio recording and capture the
information you missed during your catnap.
On a page with more than one audio note, click the See Playback button on
the (Audio & Video) Playback tab to find out which note is currently playing.
The note that is playing is highlighted and selected.
Attaching, Copying, and Linking Files to Notes
OneNote endeavors to make it easier for you to take notes on files on your
computer. You can attach a note to a file and be able to open the file quickly
from inside OneNote, copy a file into a note, and link a Word or PowerPoint
file to a OneNote section or page so that you can refer to notes you keep
in OneNote while you’re working in Word or PowerPoint. These tasks are
described forthwith.
Attaching an Office file to a note
Attach a Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file to a note so that you can quickly
open the file from inside OneNote. When you attach a file, what you really
do is create a shortcut from your note to the Office file. You can click the
shortcut and open the attached file right away. Follow these steps to attach
an Office file to a note:
1. Select the note.
2. On the Insert tab, click the File Attachment button.
You see the Choose a File or Set of Files to Insert dialog box.
3. Select the file or files.
To select more than one file, Ctrl+click their names.
4. Click the Insert button.
The Insert File dialog box appears.
5. Choose Attach File.
As shown in Figure 2-10, filenames and icons appear on notes. The icons
indicate what kind of file is attached to the note. To open one of these
files, simply click its icon.
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