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Attaching, Copying, and Linking Files to Notes
Figure 2-10:
attached to
a note.
Jotting down a quick note
Suppose you’re brainstorming and come up
with an idea that cries out to be preserved in
a note. To quickly jot down your note, write a
“quick note” in the small but convenient Quick
Note window. This window works in cahoots
with OneNote to help you record ideas before
you forget them. After you enter a note in
the window, it’s entered as well in OneNote
in the Quick Notes folder. The next time you
open OneNote, you can go to the Quick Notes
folder, locate your note, and copy or move it to
another folder.
Follow these steps to open the Quick Note
window and enter a note:
1. Open the Send to OneNote window:
Click the Send to OneNote button on the
Windows taskbar.
Press Windows key+N.
Click the Send to OneNote Tool icon in the
Notification area.
2. Choose New Quick Note.
3. Enter your note and click the Close button
in the Quick Note window.
To find your note the next time you open
OneNote, click the Quick Notes button. You can
find this button at the bottom of the Notebook
pane. Your note is filed away on a page named
after the note you entered. From here, you can
move your note to a different section.
If the OneNote icon isn’t in the Notification
area and you want it there, go to the File
tab in OneNote and choose Options. In the
Options dialog box, go to the Display category
and select the Place OneNote Icon in the
Notification Area of the Taskbar check box.
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