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Attaching, Copying, and Linking Files to Notes
Copying an Office file into OneNote
Follow these steps to copy a file from Word, PowerPoint, or Excel onto a
OneNote page:
Book V
Chapter 2
1. On the Insert tab, click the File Printout button.
The Choose Document to Insert dialog box opens.
2. Select a file and click the Insert button.
Starting in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can copy a file to OneNote by
going to the File tab and choosing Print. In the Print window, open the Printer
drop-down list, choose Send to OneNote 2013, and click the Print button. Then
switch to OneNote, and in the Select Location in OneNote dialog box, choose
a section or page and click OK. If you select a section, OneNote creates a new
page in the section for the material from Word, Excel, or PowerPoint; if you
select a page, the material lands on the page you selected.
Linking a Word or PowerPoint file to OneNote
By linking a Word or PowerPoint file to a OneNote section or page, you can
open OneNote from inside Word or PowerPoint and refer right away to notes
you took. Link a file to OneNote so that you can refer to notes you keep in
OneNote while you’re working on a Word or PowerPoint file.
Follow these steps to link a Word or PowerPoint file to a section or page in
1. Open the Word or PowerPoint file you want to link to notes you keep
in OneNote.
2. On the Review tab, click the Linked Notes button.
OneNote opens (if it wasn’t already open) in Dock to Desktop view, and
you see the Select Location in OneNote dialog box, as shown in Figure 2-11.
3. In the dialog box, select the section or page with the notes that refer
to your Word or PowerPoint file, and click OK.
The Linked Note icon appears in OneNote. This icon tells you that the
section or page is linked to a Word or PowerPoint file.
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