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Chapter 3: Finding and Organizing Your Notes
Chapter 3: Finding and Organizing
Your Notes
In This Chapter
Finding lost notes
Tagging notes so that you can organize them better
Using colors to identify notebooks, sections, and pages
Moving and copying sections, pages, and notes
If you’re an habitual note taker, you may find yourself drowning in notes.
You won’t be able to find the note you’re looking for. The great idea you
had may be lost forever. How do you find the notes you want to review?
More important, how can you organize your notes to make finding and
recognizing them easier?
This chapter looks at how to organize your notes so that you can find them
in a hurry. It tells you how to search for notes, tag notes to make finding
them easier, color-code notebooks and sections, and merge and move
sections, pages, and notes. You also discover OneNote’s Recycle Bin, where
sections and pages go to die unless you revive them.
Finding a Stray Note
Notes have a tendency to stray. I’m not saying they move from page to page
or section by section on their own in the dead of night, but it sometimes
seems that way. To track down and find a stray note, you can search by
word or phrase or search by author name. Better keep reading.
Searching by word or phrase
As long as you can remember a word or two in a note, you can find it. Follow
these steps to chase down a lost note:
1. Click in the Search box (or press Ctrl+E).
The Search box is located to the right of the Section tabs, above the
Page pane, as shown in Figure 3-1. As soon as you click in the Search
box, the Search Results pane opens. Terms you searched for since you
started OneNote appear on the Search Results pane under “Recent
Picks.” You can click one of these terms to rerun a search.
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