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Chapter 3: Finding and Organizing Your Notes
Figure 3-1:
where to
conduct a
2. Enter a word or phrase in the Search box.
Pages with the word or phrase you entered appear in the Search Results
pane (refer to Figure 3-1).
3. Click a page title or page to open a page with your search term.
The Search Results pane remains open so that you can click a different
page and open it.
To close the Search Results pane, click a page or click the Close button
(the X in the Search box).
To narrow your search, click the Change Search Scope button (it’s on the
right side of the Search box) and choose This Section, This Notebook, or
another option on the drop-down list (refer to Figure 3-1).
Searching by author
Another way to search is by author name. If you share your OneNote files
with others, you can search for notes written by different authors by
following these steps:
1. On the History tab, click the Find by Author button.
The Search Results pane opens. It lists notes by author name, as shown
in Figure 3-2. If you see the note you’re looking for, click it now.
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