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Tagging Notes for Follow Up
Book V
Chapter 3
Figure 3-2:
for notes by
2. Open the first drop-down list and declare where to search.
3. Open the Sort drop-down list and choose an option to sort by author
name or the date notes were last modified; you can click the Sort
Descending or Sort Descending button to choose how you want to sort
4. Click a note in the Search Results pane.
OneNote opens the page with the note you clicked so that you can read
the note.
5. Click the Close button (the X) in the Search Results pane to close the
Tagging Notes for Follow Up
The best way to keep notes from getting lost is to carefully place them in
notebooks, sections, and pages. Short of that, you can tag notes to make it
easier to follow up on them. OneNote offers numerous ways to tag notes.
After you tag a note, you can search for it by opening the Tags Summary task
pane, arranging notes according to how they were tagged, and pinpointing
the note you want, as shown in Figure 3-3.
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