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Tagging Notes for Follow Up
Arranging tagged notes in the task pane
Follow these steps to arrange notes that you tagged in the Tags Summary
task pane:
Book V
Chapter 3
1. On the Home tab, click the Find Tags button.
You see the Tags Summary task pane (refer to Figure 3-3).
2. Open the Group Tags By drop-down list and choose an option.
These options determine the order in which tagged notes appear in the
task pane. Tag Name, for example, arranges notes according to which
icon they’re tagged with; Section arranges notes under section names;
Note Text arranges notes in alphabetical order.
3. Open the Search drop-down list and choose an option.
These options determine which notes appear in the task pane. This
Section, for example, assembles only flagged notes from the section that
appears on-screen; This Notebook gathers flagged notes from all sections
in the notebook you’re viewing.
A list of notes appears in the task pane.
4. Click the name of a note you want to visit.
OneNote opens the page with the note whose name you clicked and
selects the note.
Creating and modifying tags
If the tags in the Tags gallery don’t do the trick, you can create a tag of your
own. Do so either by modifying a tag that is already there or creating a new
tag from scratch. Follow these steps to create a tag:
1. On the Home tab, open the Tags gallery and choose Customize Tags.
You see the Customize Tags dialog box, shown in Figure 3-4.
2. Choose to modify a tag or create a new tag.
You’ve come to a fork in the road:
Creating a new tag: Click the New Tag button. The New Tag dialog
box appears, as shown in Figure 3-4.
Modifying a tag: Select a tag you don’t need in the dialog box and then
click the Modify Tag button. The Modify Tag dialog box appears (it
looks and works just like the New Tag dialog box shown in Figure 3-4).
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