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Tagging Notes for Follow Up
Figure 3-4:
Giving a
name and
icon to a
3. Enter a name for your tag in the Display Name text box.
4. Choose a symbol for the tag.
5. If you want, choose a font and highlight color.
6. Click OK.
To remove a tag you created, select it in the Customize Tags dialog box and
click the Remove button. To change the order of tags in the Tags gallery,
open the Customize Tags dialog box, select a tag, and click the Move Tag Up
or Move Tag Down button until the tag is where you want it to be.
Visiting the Recycle Bin
OneNote maintains a Recycle Bin of its own. If
you mistakenly delete a section or page, you can
recover it by going to the History tab and
clicking the Notebook Recycle Bin button. Sections
and pages you deleted appear (deleted pages
appear on the Deleted Pages tab).
Follow these steps to restore a section or page:
1. On the History tab, click the Notebook
Recycle Bin button.
2. Right-click the section or page you want
to restore and choose Move or Copy.
You see the Move or Copy dialog box.
3. Select the notebook or section where you
want to restore the deleted item.
4. Click the Move button.
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