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Color-Coding Notebooks, Sections, and Pages
Color-Coding Notebooks, Sections, and Pages
If color-coding notebooks, sections, and pages helps you understand what
is in your notebooks, sections, and pages, by all means start color-coding.
Devise a color scheme for assigning colors to different topics and then
follow these instructions to color-code your notebooks, sections, and pages:
Book V
Chapter 3
Notebook: Right-click the notebook’s name in the Notebook pane and
choose Properties. The Notebook Properties dialog box appears, as
shown in Figure 3-5. Choose a color on the Color drop-down list and
click OK.
Section: Right-click a section’s name in the Notebook pane or a section
tab and choose Section Color on the drop-down list. Then, on the
submenu, choose a color.
Page: On the View tab, click the Page Color button and choose a color
on the drop-down list.
Figure 3-5:
Colorcoding a
Merging and Moving Sections, Pages, and Notes
I hope that as you take notes, you find opportunities to combine sections
and pages. Combining sections and pages means you’re synthesizing your
ideas. What used to be a sprawling mass of assorted notes is turning into a
handful of rock-solid concepts. Here are instructions for merging sections,
moving pages to other sections, and moving notes to different pages:
Merging one section into another: On the Notebook pane or on a
section tab, right-click the name of the section you want to merge with
another section. On the shortcut menu, choose Merge into Another
Section. You see the Merge Section dialog box. Choose a section and
click the Merge button.
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