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Searching for Stray Folder Items
Figure 1-3:
what you’re
for on the
Search tab.
As the following pages explain, you can conduct an instant search, narrow
your search by choosing Refine options, or conduct an advanced search
starting from the (Search Tools) Search tab. Search results appear in the
window below the Search box. To close the search and go back to seeing the
contents of your folder, click the Close Search button (the X on the right side
of the Search box).
Here’s a fast way to run a search: Click the Recent Searches button on the
(Search Tools) Search tab and choose a search on the drop-down list to
rerun one of the last six searches you conducted.
Conducting an instant search
What Microsoft calls an “instant search” is a keyword search of the folder
you’re viewing. If a keyword you enter in the Search box is found in an e-mail
message, calendar appointment, contact, or other item, the item appears
in the search results and the keyword is highlighted (refer to Figure 1-3).
Search results begin appearing as soon as you start to type. You don’t have
to press the Enter key to begin the search.
When searching an e-mail folder, you can click the All or Unread link next to
the Search box to see all messages or only those you haven’t read yet.
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