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Searching for Stray Folder Items
To change how instant searches are conducted, click the Search Tools
button and choose Search Options on the drop-down list. You go to the
Search category in the Outlook Options dialog box. From there, you can
choose which folders are searched and how search results are displayed
when you conduct an instant search.
Refining a search
Refine a search when an instant search brings up too many or too few
search results. Starting on the (Search Tools) Search tab, refine your search
by changing its scope and choosing Refine options.
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Chapter 1
Changing the scope of a search
How wide the scope of a search is determines how many results are found in
the search. Use these techniques to narrow or widen searches:
Click a button in the Scope group on the (Search Tools) Search tab.
Open the Scope drop-down list to the right of the Search box and choose
an option (see Figure 1-3).
The options for changing the scope for searches are the following:
Current Mailbox (for e-mail searching only): Expands a search for
e-mail to include all folders that contain e-mail, including the Drafts and
Sent Items folders. You can also press Ctrl+Alt+A.
All (Calendar, Contact, Task, or Note) Items: Expands a search to the
folder that you selected on the Folder pane as well as folders where
calendar items, contacts, tasks, or notes are stored. This button changes
names, depending on which folder you selected. You can also press
Current Folder: Searches the folder you selected on the Folder pane.
You can also press Ctrl+Alt+K.
Subfolders: Expands the search to include the folder you selected on
the Folder pane as well as its subfolders. You can also press Ctrl+Alt+Z.
All Outlook Items: Expands the search to all Outlook folders. Move
the pointer over the search results to see a pop-up box that lists which
folder an item is stored in.
Choosing Refine options
To narrow a search, click buttons in the Refine group on the (Search Tools)
Search tab. After you click a button, Outlook provides a place in the Search
box for you to enter a keyword. Which buttons appear in the Refine group
depends on which folder you search.
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