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Collapsing and showing the Ribbon
To get more room to view items on-screen,
consider collapsing the Ribbon. When the Ribbon
is collapsed, only tab names on the Ribbon
appear; the buttons and galleries are hidden
from view.
Use these techniques to collapse the Ribbon:
Click the Collapse the Ribbon button
(located to the right of the Ribbon).
Press Ctrl+F1.
Right-click a tab on the Ribbon and select
Collapse the Ribbon on the shortcut menu.
Double-click a tab on the Ribbon.
Click the Ribbon Display options button and
choose Show Tabs.
Use these techniques to show the Ribbon when
it is collapsed:
Click a tab to display the Ribbon and then
click the Pin the Ribbon button.
Press Ctrl+F1.
Right-click a tab and deselect Collapse the
Double-click a tab on the Ribbon.
Click the Ribbon Display options button and
choose Show Tabs and Commands.
Want to hide the Ribbon altogether? Click the
Ribbon Display Options button and choose
AutoHide Ribbon on the drop-down list. To see the
Ribbon again, click the top of the application.
Context-sensitive tabs
To keep the Ribbon from getting too crowded with tabs, Microsoft has
arranged for some tabs to appear only in context — that is, they appear on
the Ribbon after you insert or click something. These tabs are called
contextsensitive tabs .
In Figure 1-5, for example, I inserted a table, and two additional tabs — the
Design and the Layout tab — appear on the Ribbon under the heading
“Table Tools.” These context-sensitive tabs offer commands for designing
and laying out tables. The idea behind context-sensitive tabs is to direct you
to the commands you need and exclude all other commands.
If you can’t find a tab on the Ribbon, the tab is probably context-sensitive.
You have to insert or select an item to make some tabs appear on the
Ribbon. Context-sensitive tabs always appear on the right side of the Ribbon
under a heading with the word Tools in its name.
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