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Chapter 2: Maintaining the Contacts Folder
Chapter 2: Maintaining the
Contacts Folder
In This Chapter
Recording information about a new contact
Creating a contact group
Locating a contact in the Contacts folder
Printing contact information in the Contacts folder
In pathology (the study of diseases and how they’re transmitted) a contact
is a person who passes on a communicable disease, but in Outlook, a
contact is someone about whom you keep information. Information about
contacts is kept in the Contacts folder. This folder is a super-powered address
book. It has places for storing people’s names, addresses, phone numbers,
e-mail addresses, Web pages, pager numbers, birthdays, anniversaries,
nicknames, and other stuff besides. When you address an e-mail address, you can
get it straight from the Contacts folder to be sure that the address is entered
This short but happy chapter explains how to maintain a tried-and-true
Contacts folder, enter information about people in the folder, create contact
groups to make sending the same message to many people easier, find a
missing contact, and print the information in the Contacts folder.
To open the Contacts folder, click the People navigation button or click the
Contacts folder in the Folder pane.
Maintaining a Happy and Healthy Contacts Folder
A Contacts folder is only as good and as thorough as the information about
contacts that you put into it. These pages explain how to enter information
about a contact and update the information if it happens to change.
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