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Chapter 2: Maintaining the Contacts Folder
Entering a new contact in the Contacts folder
To place someone in the Contacts List, open the Contacts folder and start by
doing one of the following:
On the Home tab, click the New Contact button (or click the New Items
button and choose Contact on the drop-down list).
Press Ctrl+N (in the Contacts window) or Ctrl+Shift+C (in another
In a message, right-click the sender’s name in the From: line, and choose
Add to Outlook Contacts on the shortcut menu.
You see the Contact form, as shown in Figure 2-1. In this form are places for
entering just about everything there is to know about a person except his or
her favorite ice cream flavor. Enter all the information you care to record,
keeping in mind these rules of the road as you go along:
Figure 2-1:
A Contact
Full names, addresses, and so on: Although you may be tempted to
simply enter addresses, phone numbers, names, and so on in the text
boxes, don’t do it! Click the Full Name button, for example, to enter a
name (see Figure 2-1). Click the Business or Home button to enter an
address in the Check Address dialog box (see Figure 2-1). By clicking
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