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Chapter 2: Maintaining the Contacts Folder
Be sure to write a few words in the Notes box to describe how and where
you met the contact. When the time comes to weed out contacts in the
Contacts folder list, reading these descriptions helps you decide who gets
weeded and who doesn’t.
When you finish entering information, click the Save & Close button. If you’re
in a hurry to enter contacts, click the Save & New button. Doing so opens an
empty form so that you can record information about another contact.
Changing a contact’s information
Outlook offers a simple and comprehensive way to change a contact’s
information. No matter which path you take, start by going to the View tab. From
there, choose People view to make simple changes or one of the other views
to make comprehensive changes to a contact:
In People view, click the Edit link or double-click a contact name to open
the Edit window, as shown in Figure 2-2. Make your changes in the Edit
window and click the Save button.
In Business Card, Card, Phone, or List view, double-click the contact’s
name to open the Contact window. Click the Save & Close button after
making your changes. While you’re in the Contact window, try clicking
the All Fields button and entering information in the All Fields window,
as shown in Figure 2-2. The All Fields window lists fields in a line-by-line
fashion. Choose an option on the Select From drop-down list, scroll in
the form, and update fields as necessary.
Figure 2-2:
data in the
Edit window
(left) and the
All Fields
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