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Contact Groups for Sending Messages to Groups
Mapping out an address
To find your way to a contact’s home or place of
business, click the Map It button in the Contact
window (or click the More button and choose
Map It). As long as your computer is connected
to the Internet and an address is on file for the
contact, your web browser opens to the Bing.
com website, where you find a map with the
address at its center. You can get driving
directions from this map. Good luck getting there!
Creating a contact group
Follow these steps to bundle e-mail addresses into a contact group:
1. On the Home tab, click the New Contact Group button (or press
You see the Contact Group window, as shown in Figure 2-4.
Figure 2-4:
for a contact
2. Enter a descriptive name in the Name text box.
3. Click the Add Members button and choose an option on the
dropdown list to tell Outlook where you store the addresses of friends and
If you’re a loyal user of Outlook, you likely choose From Outlook
Contacts. You see the Select Members dialog box.
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