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Finding a Contact in the Contacts Folder
4. Hold down the Ctrl key and select the name of each person you want
to include in the contact group.
5. Click the Members button and click OK.
You can find the Members button in the lower-left corner of the dialog
box. The names you chose appear in the Contact Group window.
You can add the names of people who aren’t in your Contacts folder by
clicking the Add Members button, choosing New E-Mail Contact on the
drop-down list, and filling out the Add New Member dialog box.
6. Click the Save & Close button in the Contact Group window.
Book VI
Chapter 2
In the Contacts folder, contact group names and are marked with the
Contact group icon and are clearly labeled Group.
Addressing e-mail to a contact group
To address an e-mail message to a contact group, start in the Inbox folder
and click the New E-Mail button. A Message window opens. Click the To
button to open the Select Names dialog box and then select a contact group
name. Contact group names appear in boldface and are marked with a
Contact Group icon.
The fastest way to address e-mail to a contact group is to click the Email
button in the Contact Group window (refer to Figure 2-4). To open this
window, double-click the name of a contact group in the Contacts folder.
Editing a contact group
The names of contact groups appear in the Contacts folder, You can treat
the groups like other contacts. In the Contacts folder, double-click a contact
group name to open the Contact Group window (refer to Figure 2-4). From
there, you can add names to and remove names from the group.
Finding a Contact in the Contacts Folder
The Contacts folder can grow very large, so Outlook offers a number of ways
to locate contacts. Here are some techniques for locating a contact in the
Contacts folder:
Use the scrollbar: Click the arrows or drag the scroll box to move
through the list.
Click a letter button: Click a letter button on the left side of the window
to move in the list to names beginning with a specific letter.
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