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Printing the Contacts Folder
Book VI
Chapter 2
Figure 2-5:
4. Click the Print Options button if you want to change the number of
columns that are printed, change fonts, change headers and footers,
or otherwise fiddle with the printed pages.
The next section in this chapter explains these options.
5. Click the Print button to start printing.
Changing the look of printed pages
To determine what Contact folder information looks like when you print it,
click the Print Options button in the Print window (refer to Figure 2-5). You
see the Print dialog box. In this dialog box, click the Page Setup button and
choose options on the Format tab of the Page Setup dialog box to change the
look of the printed pages:
Where contact information is printed: Contact information is printed
alphabetically with a letter heading to mark where the As, Bs, Cs, and
so on begin. To place contacts that begin with each letter on separate
pages, select the Start on a New Page option button.
Number of columns: Choose a number in the Number of Columns
dropdown list to tell Outlook how many columns you want.
Contact index: Select the Contact Index on Side check box to print
thumbnail letter headings on the sides of pages.
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