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Addressing and Sending E-Mail Messages
Making Outlook your default e-mail program
If you switched to Outlook from Outlook Express
or another e-mail program and you like Outlook,
you need to tell your computer that Outlook is
henceforward the e-mail program you want to
use by default. The default e-mail program is
the one that opens when you click an e-mail
hyperlink on a Web page or give the order to
send an Office file from inside an Office
program. Follow these steps to make Outlook the
default e-mail program on your computer:
1. Go to the File tab and choose Options.
2. In the Outlook Options dialog box, visit the
General category.
3. Select the Make Outlook the Default
Program for E-Mail, Contacts, and
Calendar check box.
4. Click OK.
Addressing an e-mail message
How do you address an e-mail message in the To text box of the Message
window (refer to Figure 3-1)? Let me count the ways:
Type a person’s name from the Contacts folder: Simply type a person’s
name, as shown in Figure 3-2. If the name is on file in the Contacts folder,
a drop-down menu with the name appears, and you can select the name
on the drop-down menu.
Get the address (or addresses) from the Contacts folder: Click the To
(or Cc) button to send a message to someone whose name is on file in
your Contacts folder. You see the Select Names dialog box, as shown
in Figure 3-2. Click or Ctrl+click to select the names of people to whom
you want to send the message. Then click the To-> button (or the Cc->
or Bcc-> button) to enter addresses in the To text box (or the Cc or Bcc
text box) of the Message window. Click OK to return to the Message
window. This is the easiest way to address an e-mail message to several
different people.
Type the address: Type the address if you know it offhand. You can
paste an address into the Message window by right-clicking and
choosing the Paste command.
Reply to a message sent to you: Select the message in the Inbox folder
and click the Reply button. The Message window opens with the address
of the person to whom you’re replying already entered in the To text
box. You can also click the Reply All button to reply to enter the e-mail
addresses of all the people to whom the original message was sent.
You can create contact groups for sending the same e-mail message to a
group of people without having to enter an address for each recipient. For
information about contact groups, see Chapter 2 of this mini-book.
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