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Addressing and Sending E-Mail Messages
Book VI
Chapter 3
Figure 3-2:
from the
Sending e-mail from inside another Office program
As long as Outlook is your default e-mail
program (I explain how to make it the default
program earlier in this chapter), you can send
e-mail messages or file attachments from other
Office programs without opening Outlook. If the
Word document, Excel worksheet, PowerPoint
presentation, or Publisher publication needs
sending right away, save it and follow these
steps to send it as a file attachment to an e-mail
1. With the file you want to send on-screen,
go to the File tab and choose Share.
2. In the Share window, choose E-Mail.
3. Choose a Send option.
These options differ from program to
program. For example, you can send the file
as an attachment to an e-mail message or
send it as a PDF file. The Message window
appears after you choose a Send option.
4. Enter the recipient’s address in the To box
and type a message in the Message box.
5. Click the Send button.
That was fast! It was faster than opening
Outlook and attaching the file to the e-mail
message on your own. The message is sent
right away if Outlook is running. Otherwise,
the message is sent next time you open
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