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Sending Files and Photos
Forwarding a message to a third party without the permission of the
original author is a breach of etiquette and very bad manners. I could
tell you a story about an e-mail message of mine that an unwitting editor
forwarded to a cantankerous publisher, but I’m saving that story for the
soap opera edition of this topic.
To add a sender’s name to the Contacts folder, right-click the name in the
Message window and choose Add to Outlook Contacts.
Sending Files and Photos
Yes, it can be done. You can send files and photos along with your e-mail
messages. As long as you know where the file or photo is stored on your
computer, you can send it lickety-split.
Book VI
Chapter 3
Auto-replying to messages
An auto-reply (automatic reply) is a message
sent automatically to everyone who sends you
a message. An auto-reply goes something like
this: “I’m on vacation till Tuesday and can’t
reply to your message. But as soon as I return,
I’ll reply to you.” Use auto-replies to inform
people that you aren’t neglecting them, you
just can’t reply because you’re in meetings, on
vacation, or otherwise occupied.
Only people who run Outlook through a
Microsoft Exchange server can send
autoreplies. What this means in real terms is that
only people whose computers are connected
to a network can auto-reply to messages.
Follow these steps to find out whether your
Outlook account is run through a Microsoft
Exchange server:
1. On the File tab, choose Info to open the
Account Information window.
2. Click the Account Settings button and
choose Account Settings to open the
Account Settings dialog box.
3. In the Type column, look for the words
“Microsoft Exchange.” If you see these
words, you can send auto-replies to
Follow these steps to write an auto-reply and
instruct Outlook to send it to all who send you
1. On the File tab, choose Info.
2. Choose Automatic Replies (Out of Office)
to open the Automatic Replies dialog box.
3. Click the Send Automatic Replies check box.
4. Choose a start time and end time for
sending auto-replies.
5. On the Inside My Organization tab, enter
the auto-reply that you want to send to
your co-workers.
6. On the Outside My Organization tab, enter
the auto-reply you want to send people
outside your network.
7. Click OK.
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