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Reading Your E-Mail in the Inbox Window
Figure 3-5:
messages in
the Reading
pane and
Later in this chapter, “Techniques for Organizing E-Mail Messages,” explains
how to organize messages in the Inbox folder. Meanwhile, here are some
simple techniques you can use on the View tab to unclutter the Inbox folder
and make messages easier to read:
Changing your view of messages: Click the Change View button and
choose Compact, Single, or Preview on the drop-down list. Compact and
Single display more messages on-screen. In Preview view, the first two
lines of unread messages appear so that you can read them.
Rearranging messages: Click the Arrange By button and choose an
option on the drop-down list. For example, choose Date to arrange
messages according to the date and time they were received. Choose From
to arrange message by sender name in alphabetical order. Click the
Reverse Sort button to reverse the way the messages are arranged.
Arranging messages by group: After you choose a means of arranging
messages, you can click the Expand/Collapse button to display
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