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Reading Your E-Mail in the Inbox Window
messages by groups. Grouped items appear under headings. For
example, if you choose From to arrange messages by sender, messages are
displayed under senders’ names when you select the Show in Groups option.
You can expand and collapse groups by clicking the triangle buttons
beside their names or by clicking the Expand/Collapse button and
making a choice on the drop-down list.
Arrange messages by conversation: If you arrange messages by date,
you can also arrange messages by conversation, as shown in Figure 3-6.
A conversation is a back-and-forth collection of e-mails between the same
two people or group of people about the same subject. Click the Show
As Conversations check box and choose options on the drop-down list
to view e-mails in conversation groups.
Book VI
Chapter 3
Hiding and displaying the Reading pane: Click the Reading Pane button
and choose Off, Right, or Bottom on the drop-down list to make the
Reading pane appear or disappear. The Reading pane gives you an
opportunity to read messages without opening them in a Message
The Reading pane offers a Reply, Reply All, and Forward button for
quickly replying to and forwarding e-mail messages.
Hiding and displaying the Folder pane: Click the Folder Pane button
and choose Normal or Minimized (or press Alt+F1 or click the Minimize
the Folder Pane button on the Folder pane itself). By hiding the Folder
pane, you get even more room to display messages.
Figure 3-6:
Viewing a
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