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Techniques for Organizing E-Mail Messages
Rules for earmarking messages as they arrive
To help you organize messages better, Outlook gives you the opportunity to
earmark messages in various ways and even move messages as they arrive
automatically to folders apart from the Inbox folder. Being able to move
messages immediately to a folder is a great way to keep e-mail concerning
different projects separate. If you belong to a newsgroup that sends many
messages per day, being able to move those messages instantly into their
own folder is a real blessing because newsgroup messages have a habit of
cluttering the Inbox folder.
To earmark messages for special treatment, Outlook has you create so-called
rules . You can create a rule to:
Book VI
Chapter 3
Move e-mail from a particular person automatically to a folder.
Be alerted when e-mail arrives from a certain person or the Subject line
of a message includes a certain word. The incoming messages appear in
the New Mail Alerts window, as shown in Figure 3-10.
Figure 3-10:
The New
Mail Alerts
(top) and
Create Rule
dialog box
Follow these instructions to create a rule so that incoming e-mail messages
are given special treatment:
1. Select an e-mail message from a person whose messages require a rule.
You can skip this step if your goal is to create a rule for messages that
contain a certain word in the Subject line.
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