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Yes, You Can Prevent Junk Mail (Sort of)
Creating a new folder for storing e-mail
Follow these steps to create a new folder:
1. On the Folder tab, click the New Folder button.
You see the Create New Folder dialog box, as shown in Figure 3-11. You
can also open this dialog box by pressing Ctrl+Shift+E or right-clicking a
folder in the Folder list and choosing New Folder.
Book VI
Chapter 3
Figure 3-11:
Creating a
new folder.
2. Select the folder that the new folder will go inside.
To create a first-level folder, select Personal Folders (or the name of the
topmost folder in the hierarchy).
3. Enter a name for the folder.
4. Click OK.
To delete a folder you created, open it, go to the Folder tab, and click the
Delete Folder button. Items in the folder are deleted along with the folder
itself. To rename a folder, open it, go to the Folder tab, click the Rename
Folder button, and enter a new name.
Yes, You Can Prevent Junk Mail (Sort of)
Outlook maintains a folder called Junk E-Mail especially for storing junk
e-mail, or spam as the digital variety is sometimes called. E-mail messages
with certain words or phrases in the Subject line — for free! , money-back
guarantee , order now — are routed automatically to the Junk E-Mail folder,
where they needn’t bother you. What’s more, you can add senders’ names to
the Blocked Senders list and route mail from those senders straight into the
Junk E-Mail folder.
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