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Scheduling Appointments and Events
5. Click the Save & Close button when you finish describing the
appointment or event.
The appointment or event is entered in the Calendar window.
Scheduling a recurring appointment or event
To enter a recurring appointment or event, click the Recurrence button in
the Appointment window (refer to Figure 4-2). You see the Appointment
Recurrence dialog box, as shown in Figure 4-3. Describe how persistent the
activity is and click OK:
Appointment Time: Enter the starting and ending time, if you didn’t do
so already in the Appointment form.
Figure 4-3:
My, this
Recurrence Pattern: Use the options and drop-down lists to describe
how often the activity recurs.
Range of Recurrence: Describe when the recurring events will cease
recurring. Choose the No End Date option button if the activity occurs ad
infinitum, ad nauseum (that’s Latin for “unto infinity, most nauseously”).
In the Calendar window, recurring activities are marked by the arrow chasing
its tail icon.
Scheduling an event
Select the All Day Event check box in the Appointment window (refer to
Figure 4-2) to schedule an event, not an appointment. As I explain earlier, an
event is an activity that lasts all day. In the Calendar, events are listed at the
start of the day before appointments and meetings.
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