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Chapter 5: Tasks, Reminders, and Notes
Attaching a file to a task
Attaching a file to a task is a neat way to get
down to work quickly. Instead of fumbling in
your computer for a Word document, Excel
worksheet, or other type of file to work on, you
can open it merely by double-clicking its name
in the Tasks window or Reading pane of the
Tasks window. To attach a file to a task:
Go to the Insert tab in the Task window and
click the Attach File button. Then, in the
Insert File dialog box, select the file and
click the Insert button.
Drag and drop a file to the Task window.
Book VI
Chapter 5
Figure 5-2:
Describing a
By clicking the Recurrence button in the Task window, you can enter
a Sisyphean task that gets repeated over and over again. In the Task
Recurrence dialog box, describe how often the task recurs. Recurring tasks
are marked in the Tasks window with a special recurring icon.
Click the Details button in the Task window to track the hours you worked
on a project, the companies you worked for, and how many miles you logged
going to and fro in your work.
Examining tasks in the Tasks window
Juggling many different tasks is a high art, and to help you get better at it,
the Tasks window offers these techniques for examining tasks that need
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