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Designing a Database
Figure 1-6:
Paper forms
also have
Figure 1-7:
Plans for
tables and
field names.
Book VII
Chapter 1
Separating information into
different database tables
After you know the information you want to record in the database, think
about how to separate the information into database tables. Many are
tempted to put all the information into a single database table, but because
Access is a relational database, you can query more than one table at a time,
and in so doing, assemble information from different tables.
To see how it works, consider the simple database, as shown in Figure 1-7.
The purpose of this little database and its four tables is to store information
about the players, coaches, and teams in a baseball league. The Team Name
field appears in three tables. It serves as the link between the tables and permits
more than one to be queried. By querying individual tables or combinations
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