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Chapter 2: Building Your Database Tables
forms, and reports to go along with the table. After you create a table with
a template, you can remove fields that you don’t want. It’s always easier to
delete fields than add new ones.
Follow these steps to use a template to create a table (and accompanying
queries, forms, and reports):
1. Close all objects if any objects are open.
To close an object, click its Close button.
2. On the Create tab, click the Application Parts button.
A drop-down list with options for creating forms and tables appears.
(The tables are listed under “Quick Start.”)
3. Choose Contacts, Issues, Tasks, or Users.
If there are other tables in your database, a dialog box asks whether
you want to create a relationship between the table you’re creating and
another table.
4. Select the There Is No Relationship option button and click Create.
Later in this chapter, “Establishing Relationships between Database
Tables” explains how to create relationships on your own. If you want to
create these relationships now and you have the wherewithal to do it,
select an option besides There Is No Relationship, choose a table on the
drop-down list, and click the Next button to choose which field to forge
the relationship with.
Book VII
Chapter 2
5. On the Navigation pane, right-click the name of the table you created
and choose Design View.
In Design view, you can see the names of the fields in the table. If the table
contains fields you don’t want or you want to change the names of the
fields, turn to “Entering and Altering Table Fields,” later in this chapter.
Importing a table from another database
Few things are more tedious than entering records in a database table. If
the records you need were already entered elsewhere, more power to you.
Follow these steps to get a database table from another Access database:
1. Go to the External Data tab.
2. Click the Access button.
The Get External Data – Access Database dialog box opens.
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