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Chapter 2: Building Your Database Tables
3. Click the Browse button, and in the File Open dialog box, select the
Access database with the table you need and click Open.
You return to the Get External Data – Access Database dialog box.
4. Select the first option button (Import Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports,
Macros, and Modules into the Current Database) and click OK.
You see the Import Objects dialog box, as shown in Figure 2-1.
Figure 2-1:
Fetching a
table from
5. On the Tables tab, select the database table you want.
You can import more than one database table by clicking several table
names or clicking the Select All button.
You can import a table structure — its field names and formats —
without importing the data in the table. To do so, click the Options button
in the Import Objects dialog box, and under Import Tables, select the
Definition Only option button (refer to Figure 2-1).
6. Click OK.
If the table you want to import includes lookup fields, import the tables or
queries that the lookup fields refer to as well as the table itself. Without
those tables or queries, the lookup fields won’t be able to obtain any values.
Later in this chapter, “Creating a lookup data-entry list” explains what
lookup fields are.
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