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Opening and Viewing Tables
Opening and Viewing Tables
To open a table, start in the Navigation pane and select the Tables group
to view the names of database tables you created. How you open a table
depends on whether you want to open it in Datasheet view or Design view.
Figure 2-2 illustrates the difference between these views.
Datasheet view is for entering and examining data in a table.
Design view is for creating fields and describing their parameters.
Book VII
Chapter 2
Figure 2-2:
A table in
Design view
(top) and
Select a table on the Navigation pane and use one of these techniques to
open and view it:
Opening in Design view: Right-click the table’s name in the Navigation
pane and choose Design View on the shortcut menu.
Opening in Datasheet view: On the Navigation pane, double-click the
table’s name or right-click its name and choose Open on the shortcut
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