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Entering and Altering Table Fields
3. Enter a name in the Field Name column.
Names can’t include periods or be longer than 64 letters, but you don’t
want to enter a long name anyway because it won’t fit very well along
the top of the table.
Some database programs don’t permit spaces in field names. If you
intend to export Access data to other database programs, don’t include
spaces in field names. Instead, run the words together or separate
words with an underscore character, like this: underscore_character.
4. Press the Tab key or click in the Data Type column, and choose a data
type from the drop-down list, as shown in Figure 2-3.
Book VII
Chapter 2
Figure 2-3:
Choosing a
data type.
Data types classify what kind of information is kept in the field. The next
topic in this chapter, “All about data types,” explains data types.
5. If you want, enter a description in the Description column.
These descriptions can be very helpful when you need to reacquaint
yourself with a field and find out what it’s meant to do.
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