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Entering and Altering Table Fields
In case the name you choose for your field isn’t descriptive enough, you can
give the field a second name. The name appears in Datasheet view, on forms,
and on reports. To enter a second, descriptive field name, enter the name in
the Caption field on the General tab of the Design view window.
Later in this chapter, “Field Properties for Making Sure That Data Entries Are
Accurate” demonstrates how to define field properties in the Design view
window to make it easier for data-entry clerks to enter the data.
Taking advantage of ready-made fields
You can get a head start creating a field by using a ready-made field and then
modifying it, if necessary. To create a ready-made field, switch to Datasheet
view and select the field that you want your new field to go after. Then, on
the (Table Tools) Fields tab, click a field button or click the More Fields
button and choose the name of a field on the drop-down list.
Look for field buttons in the Add & Delete group. Field buttons include Short
Text, Number, and Currency. After you create your new field, switch to
Design view and examine its field properties. Some of these properties may
need modifying. See “Field Properties for Making Sure That Data Entries Are
Accurate” for information about field properties.
All about data types
To choose a data type for a field, open the Data Type drop-down list in the
Design view window and choose a data type (see Figure 2-3). Data types are
the first line of defense in making sure that data is entered correctly in a
table. Try to enter text in a field assigned the Currency or Number data type,
and Access tells you that your entry is invalid. You get the chance to fix your
mistake as soon as you make it.
Table 2-1 explains the options on the Data Type drop-down list. Choose
data types carefully because how you classify the data that is entered in a
field determines how you can query the field for information. Querying for
a number range is impossible, for example, if the field you’re querying isn’t
classified as a Number or Currency field on the Data Type drop-down list.
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