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Field Properties for Making Sure That Data Entries Are Accurate
Figure 2-7:
A so-called
lookup list.
Creating a drop-down list on your own
Follow these steps to create a drop-down, or lookup, list with entries you
1. In Design view, click the field that needs a drop-down list.
2. Open the Data Type drop-down list and choose Lookup Wizard, the
last option in the list.
The Lookup Wizard dialog box appears.
3. Select the second option, I Will Type in the Values That I Want, and
click the Next button.
4. Under Col1 in the next dialog box, enter each item you want to appear
in the drop-down list; then click the Next button.
You can create a multicolumn list by entering a number in the Number
of Columns text box and then entering items for the list.
5. Enter a name for the field, if necessary, and click the Finish button.
Switch to Datasheet view and open the drop-down list in the field to
make sure that it displays properly.
To remove a lookup list from a field, select the field, go to the Lookup tab in
the Design view window, and choose Text Box on the Display Control
dropdown list.
To see what’s on a drop-down list, select the field for which you created the
list, switch to Design view, and select the Lookup tab in the Field Properties
pane. As shown in Figure 2-8, you can edit the list by editing or removing
items in the Row Source text box. Be sure that a semi-colon (;) appears
between each item.
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