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Indexing for Faster Sorts, Searches, and Queries
Follow these steps to generate a multifield index:
1. Switch to Design view, and on the (Table Tools) Design tab, click the
Indexes button.
You see the Indexes dialog box, as shown in Figure 2-9. The dialog box
lists the primary key field already because it’s indexed by default. You
also see any fields to which you set the Indexed property to Yes.
Figure 2-9:
The Indexes
dialog box.
Book VII
Chapter 2
2. On a blank line in the dialog box, enter a name for the index in the
Index Name column.
3. In the Field Name column, open the drop-down list and choose the
first field you want for the multifield index.
Access sorts the records first on this field and then on the second field
you choose.
4. In the next row, leave the Index Name blank and choose another field
name from the drop-down list.
This field is the second field in the index. You can use as many as ten
different fields in a multifield index. In Figure 2-9, two fields are in a
multifield index: First Name and Last Name.
5. Choose Descending in the Sort Order column if you want the field
sorted in descending order.
Most of the time, you want leave the Sort Order set to Ascending
because most people read from A to Z.
6. Click the Close button.
Click the Indexes button in Design view if you need to return to the
Indexes dialog box and change how fields are indexed.
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