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Establishing Relationships Between Database Tables
Placing tables in the Relationships window
The first time you open the Relationships
window, you see the Show Table dialog box.
Use this dialog box to tell Access which tables
to put in the Relationships window. Ctrl+click
to select tables and then click the Add button.
If you create a new database table and
want to place it in the Relationships window,
click the Relationships button to display the
Relationships window; then click the Show
Table button on the (Relationship Tools) Design
tab. The Show Table dialog box appears. Select
your new table and click the Add button.
Handling tables in the Relationships window
To display the tables in a database and link tables to one another or see how
they’re related to each other, go to the Database Tools tab and click the
Relationships button. You see the Relationships window, as shown in Figure
2-11. Notice the field names in each table. The primary key field is shown
with a picture of a key next to it. Lines in the window show how
relationships have been established between tables.
Figure 2-11:
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