Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Reading and Recording File Properties
Closing a file
Closing a file is certainly easier than opening one. To close a file, save your
file and use one of these techniques:
On the File tab, choose Close. The program remains open although the
file is closed.
Click the Close button — the X in the upper-right corner of the window
(or press Alt+F4).
Click the program icon (in the upper-left corner of the screen) and
choose Close.
Reading and Recording File Properties
Properties are a means of describing a file. If you manage two dozen or more
files, you owe it to yourself to record properties. You can use them later to
identify files.
To read property descriptions, go to the File tab, choose Info, and examine
the Info window. Property descriptions are found on the right side of the
window, as shown in Figure 1-11.
Figure 1-11:
View and
in the Info
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