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Entering the Data in Datasheet View
Entering data in the Zoom box
To make putting a long entry in a field a little
easier, Access offers the Zoom box. Instead
of having to stay within the narrow confines
of a datasheet field, you can press Shift+F2 to
open the Zoom box and enter the data there.
After you click OK, the data is entered in the
field. The Zoom box is especially convenient for
entering data in a Memo field. As Chapter 2 in
this mini-book explains, Memo fields can hold a
whopping 65,535 characters. Move the cursor
into a field and press Shift+F2 to open the Zoom
box and read all the text in the field.
To delete a record, click its row selector and press the Delete key or the
Delete button (located on the Home tab). You can also click in a record, go
to the (Table Tools) Fields tab, and click the Delete button there.
Two tricks for entering data quicker
In a database table with many fields, it’s sometimes hard to tell what data to
enter. When the pointer is in the sixth or seventh field, for example, you can
lose sight of the first field, the one on the left side of the datasheet that
usually identifies the person or item whose record you’re entering.
To freeze a field so that it appears on-screen no matter how far you travel
toward the right side of the datasheet, right-click the column’s heading and
choose Freeze Fields on the shortcut menu. To unfreeze the fields, right-click
the column heading and choose Unfreeze All Fields on the shortcut menu.
You can freeze more than one field by dragging across field names at the top
of the datasheet before choosing to freeze the columns. Is it getting cold in
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