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Locking a File with a Password
To record even more descriptions, click the Properties button and choose
one of these commands on the drop-down list:
Book I
Chapter 1
Show Document Panel: The Document Properties panel appears so that
you can enter more descriptions and comments.
Advanced Properties: The Properties dialog box appears. Enter
information about your file on the Summary and Custom tab.
You can read a file’s properties without opening a file. In Windows Explorer,
File Explorer, or the Open dialog box, right-click a file’s name and choose
Properties. You see the Properties dialog box. Go to the Details tab to see
descriptions you entered.
Locking a File with a Password
Perhaps you want to submit your file to others for critical review but you
don’t want any Tom, Dick, or Harry to look at your file. In that case, lock
your file with a password and give out the password only to people whose
opinions you trust. These pages explain how to password-protect a file, open
a file that is locked with a password, and remove the password from a file.
Password-protecting a file
Follow these steps to clamp a password on a file, such that others need a
password to open and perhaps also edit it:
1. Go to the File tab and choose Info.
2. In the Info window, click the Protect Document (or Workbook or
Presentation) button, and choose Encrypt with Password on the
dropdown list.
The Encrypt dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 1-12.
Figure 1-12:
passwords for
the file in this
dialog box.
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