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Finding and Replacing Data
To find and replace data, go to the Home tab and click the Replace button (or
press Ctrl+H). You see the Replace tab of the Find and Replace dialog box.
After you enter the replacement data in the Replace With text box, make sure
that Whole Field is selected in the Match drop-down list. Conducting a
findand-replace operation with Any Part of Field or Start of Field selected in the
Match drop-down list can have unintended consequences. For example, a
search for Brook also finds Brooklyn, Middlebrook, and other words that include
brook. Blindly replacing the brook text string with stream produces, for example,
Streamlyn and Middlestream.
Unless you’re as confident as a gambler with four aces, don’t click the Replace
All button to replace all instances of the text or numbers in the database
table or field you’re searching in. Instead, click the Replace button to find
and replace text or numbers one instance at a time.
By the way, you can also find and replace data with an update query.
Chapter 4 of this mini-book covers update queries.
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