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Querying: The Basics
Table pane
Figure 4-4:
The Query
Book VII
Chapter 4
Design grid
Create the query with a wizard: Click the Query Wizard button to
display the New Query dialog box and then choose a wizard option (four
possible Query Wizards are available) and answer the questions that the
Query Wizard asks. You’re asked which table or tables to query, which
fields to include in the query, and which fields to include in the query
results (the following pages explain these issues).
To run a query, open the query in the Query window, go to the (Query
Tools) Design tab, and click the Run button. The results of the query appear
in Datasheet view.
Viewing queries in Datasheet and Design view
Select a query on the Navigation pane and use these techniques to view it
in Datasheet or Design view. Datasheet view shows the results of running a
query. Create and modify queries in Design view.
Opening in Design view: Right-click the query’s name in the Navigation
pane and choose Design View on the shortcut menu.
Opening in Datasheet view: On the Navigation pane, double-click the
query’s name or right-click its name and choose Open on the shortcut
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