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Locking a File with a Password
3. Enter a password in the Password text box and click OK.
Others will need the password you enter to open the file. No ifs, ands, or
buts. They have to enter the password.
Passwords are case-sensitive. In other words, you have to enter the
correct combination of upper- and lowercase letters to successfully enter
the password. If the password is Valparaiso (with an uppercase V),
entering valparaiso (with a lowercase v) is deemed the wrong password
and doesn’t open the file.
4. In the Confirm Password dialog box, enter the password again.
Figure 1-12 shows the Confirm Password dialog box.
5. Click OK.
The Info window informs you that a password is required to open the
Removing a password from a file
Follow these steps to remove a password from a file:
1. Open the file that needs its password removed.
2. Go to the File tab and choose Info to open the Information window.
3. Click the Protect Document button, and choose Encrypt with
The Encrypt Document dialog box appears (refer to Figure 1-12).
4. Delete the password and click OK.
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