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Chapter 2: Wrestling with the Text
Chapter 2: Wrestling with the Text
In This Chapter
Selecting, moving, copying, and deleting text
Changing the appearance, size, and color of text
Changing the case of letters
Inserting foreign characters and symbols
Hyperlinking to Web pages and other places in a file
To enter text, all you have to do is wiggle your fingers over the keyboard.
Everybody knows that. But not everyone knows all the different ways to
change the look and size of text in an Office 2013 file. In this chapter, I explain
how to do that as well as how to move, copy, and delete text. You find out how
to quickly change a letter’s case and enter a symbol or foreign character. Finally,
I show you how to link your files to the Internet by fashioning a hyperlink.
Manipulating the Text
This short but important part of Chapter 2 describes the many techniques
for selecting, deleting, copying, and moving text. You find an inordinate
number of tips on these pages because there are so many shortcuts for
manipulating text. Master the many shortcuts and you cut down
considerably on the time you spend editing text.
Selecting text
Before you can do anything to text — move it, boldface it, delete it, translate
it — you have to select it. Here are speed techniques for selecting text:
To Select
Do This
A word
Double-click the word.
A few words
Drag over the words.
A paragraph
Triple-click inside the paragraph (in Word, PowerPoint,
and Outlook messages).
A block of text
Click the start of the text, hold down the Shift key, and click
the end of the text. In Word you can also click the start of
the text, press F8, and click at the end of the text.
All text
Press Ctrl+A.
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