Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Chapter 1: Creating a Chart
3. Select the kind of chart you want.
How you select a chart type depends on which program you’re working in:
Excel: On the Insert tab, open the drop-down list on one of buttons
in the Chart group (Column, Bar, and so on) and select a chart type;
or click the Recommended Charts button or Charts group button to
open the Insert Chart dialog box and select a chart there. As shown
in Figure 1-1, the Insert Chart dialog box shows all the kinds of charts
you can create. Go to the Recommended Charts tab to see which
charts Excel recommends.
Word and PowerPoint: Click the Chart button. You see the Insert
Chart dialog box shown in Figure 1-1. Select a chart type, select a
variation, and click OK. A data grid opens on the right side of your
computer screen. (In PowerPoint, you can also click the Chart icon
on a placeholder frame to open the Insert Chart dialog box.)
The next topic in this chapter, “Choosing the Right Chart,” describes all
the charts types and advises you which to choose.
Figure 1-1:
Which chart
do you
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