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Choosing the Right Chart
4. In Word and PowerPoint, replace the sample data in the data grid
with the data you need for generating your chart.
Later in this chapter, “Providing the Raw Data for Your Chart” explains how
to enter data in the data grid, and the sidebar “Getting chart data from a
table (Word and PowerPoint)” explains how to copy the data from a table.
After you finish entering the data, click the Close button in the data grid.
5. Modify your chart, if you desire.
The Chart Tools tabs and buttons to the right of the chart offer commands
for making a chart look just-so (see “Changing a Chart’s Appearance,”
later in this chapter).
Click the Recent button in the Insert Chart dialog box to see all the
charts you examined in your search for the right chart.
And if you decide to delete the chart you created? Click its perimeter to
select it and then press the Delete key.
Choosing the Right Chart
If you’re a fan of charts, the huge selection of charts can make you feel like a
kid in a candy store, but if charts aren’t your forté, the wealth of charts you
can choose from can be daunting. You can choose among four dozen charts
in ten categories (refer to Figure 1-1). Which chart is best? The golden rule
for choosing a chart type is to choose the one that presents information in
the brightest possible light. The purpose of a chart is to compare
information across different categories. Select a chart that draws out the
comparison so that others can clearly make comparisons. Table 1-1 describes the
ten chart categories and explains in brief when to use each type of chart.
Table 1-1
Chart Types
Chapter 1
Best Use/Description
Examine how values in different categories fluctuate
over time, and see the cumulative change in values.
(Same as a line chart except that the area between
trend lines is colored in.)
Compare values in different categories against one
another, usually over time. Data is displayed in
horizontal bars. (Same as a column chart except that the
bars are horizontal.)
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