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Chapter 2: Wrestling with the Text
A look at the Paste options
Text adopts the formatting of neighboring
text when you move or copy it to a new
location. Using the Paste options, however,
you can decide for yourself what happens
to text formatting when you move or copy
text from one place to another. To avail
yourself of the Paste options:
On the Home tab, open the drop-down
list on the Paste button to see the Paste
Options submenu.
Right-click to see the Paste options on the
shortcut menu.
Click the Paste Options
button to open the Paste
Options submenu. This
button appears after you
paste text by clicking the
Paste button or pressing
Choose a Paste option to determine what
happens to text formatting when you move or copy
text to a new location:
Keep Source Formatting: The text
keeps its original formatting.
Choose this option to move or copy
text formatting along with text to a
different location.
Merge Formatting (Word only): The
text adopts the formatting of the
text to where it is moved or copied.
Keep Text Only: The text is stripped
of all formatting.
You can decide for yourself what the default
activity is when you paste within a document,
between documents, and between programs.
Go to the File tab and choose Options. In the
Options dialog box, go to the Advanced
category, and under Cut, Copy, and Paste, choose
default options.
Word offers a special command for selecting text with similar formats
throughout a document. You can use this command to make wholesale
changes to text. Select an example of the text that needs changing, and on
the Home tab, click the Select button and choose Select All Text with Similar
Formatting (you may have to click the Editing button first). Then choose
formatting commands to change all instances of the text that you selected.
Moving and copying text
Office offers a number of different ways to move and copy text from place
to place. Drum roll, please. . . . Select the text you want to move or copy and
then use one of these techniques to move or copy it:
Dragging and dropping: Move the mouse over the text and then click
and drag the text to a new location. Drag means to hold down the mouse
button while you move the pointer on-screen. If you want to copy rather
than move the text, hold down the Ctrl key while you drag.
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